Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Leopard tries to enter a house at Malgadh village in Gujarath's Banaskantha district, India

At least four persons, including a range forest officer and the sarpanch, were injured by a leopard at Malgadh village, 17 km from Deesa, in Banaskantha district on Monday. The big cat was finally caught by forest officials and a team from Gir Foundation at Indroda Park.

The leopard was spotted at 7 am by Bharat Mali in a potato field of Dhramaji Mali at Goga Dhani, a hamlet at Malgadh. Besides Mali, 14-year-old Bhavesh and village sarpanch Kundanlal also sustained injuries while trying to close in on the wild cat. The villagers immediately informed forest officials.

"We launched an operation to trap the animal as soon as we got to the spot. One of our officials, range forest officer R H Gadhvi, was also injured by the big cat. We also called for a team from Gir Foundation at Indroda Park in Gandhinagar," said deputy conservator of forest, Banaskantha Y L Varma. The leopard is a five-year-old male and is about five feet long, said Gadhvi.

The Gir Foundation team reached the spot with tranquilisers and guns. Two cages were placed to catch the big cat that was spotted in a field in the outskirts of the village. "At least 30 policemen, including a police inspector and two sub-inspectors, and twelve forest and revenue officials reached the village and caught the big cat," said police inspector N H Goswami. 

Source : The Times of India

Saturday, July 4, 2009

How do leopards climb trees..

Leopards are natural instinctive tree climbers. But, the leopard cubs need some motivation from their mothers to make them put in the effort.In some cases, the cubs instinctively climb trees even without their knowing while they play (or) when they are subjected to threats when their mom is away hunting. Check out the above video and you will know what I say...

Friday, July 4, 2008

Different types of Leopards in the Wild.

  1. Indo – Chinese Leopard ( South East Asia)
  2. Indian Leopard ( India, Southern Nepal & Northern Bangladesh )
  3. North – Chinese Leopard ( China )
  4. Sri Lankan Leopard ( Sri Lanka )
  5. Javan Leopard ( Java )
  6. Amur Leopard ( Far East Russia, North China & Korea )
  7. African Leopard ( Africa )
  8. Persian Leopard ( South – West Asia )
  9. Arabian Leopard ( Arabian Peninsula )
  10. Zanzibar Leopard ( Unguja Island in Zanzibar archipelago ) EXTINCT

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